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The folk opera "When the Fern Blooms"

The premier of the folk opera "When the Fern Blooms", the composer's distinguished work, will take place 15 November 2003 at the National Opera of Ukraine.

Written in 1979 and after beimg banned by Soviet authorities for national in 1979, the work has not been performed in its entirety to this day.  Unfortunately, the current revival consists of the 50 minute second act called "Kupalo" and includes four scenes:  People's Kupalo;  Mermaid's Kupalo;  Witch's Kupalo;  Final Kupalo.

The production is being staged by the Hryhory Veryovka National Ukrainian Folk Ensemble, its Artistic Director Anatoliy Avdievsky, ballet master Alla Rubina and designer Lyudmyla Nahorna.

The production of folkloric themes, which include authentic pre-historic Ukrainian rituals set in a contemporary style.  The work's main focus is its dynamic choreographic staging, in which Ms Rubina uses contemporary dance language to re-create ancient Ukrainian life:  the community, lively characters, the inherent sexuality of the ritual.  The harmonic synthesis of the choir, ballet and orchestra creates a poweful production, energised by ancient mysticism and contemporary symbols:  this is the best interpretation of the composer's work and of his intentions.

Anatoliy Avdievsky - People's artist of Ukraine, the National Taras Shevchenko's prize of Ukraine laureate

Chorus, orchestraand ballet company of Grigory Veryovka's National Ukrainian Folk Ensemble

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